I’m Steve Sloman, a mortgage broker. Mortgages aren’t perhaps the most interesting subject, but most people need to arrange a mortgage at some time in their lives and to be blunt, I’m a good man to talk to. I offer fee-free mortgages in Taunton and impartial advice.

Why me? Because I’m interested in one thing, and one thing only: Arranging the perfect mortgage for you. I’ve been a mortgage broker for 35 years, I know mortgages inside out and I have access to pretty much every mortgage available in the UK.

I’m completely independent and I won’t charge you a fee for my services.

My website is short and sweet because I like to keep things simple and because I’d much rather we sat down over a coffee and had a chat. It’s a much nicer way to do business and you’ll find me easy to talk to. I won’t try and sell you something and you certainly won’t have any kind of obligation.

What I promise is that you’ll get honest advice, recommendations and an assurance that if I do arrange your mortgage, it will be exactly the right one.

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