Fee-Free Adverse Credit Mortgage Advice

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Sometimes life can be difficult and throw up financial problems we never dreamed that we’d ever have to go through. When it happens it’s easy to suddenly find yourself feeling very exposed. You apply for a mortgage and find that it’s been turned down. It could be something as insignificant as having missed a mortgage payment 18 months ago, but that could be all it takes to give you a bad credit rating. It can happen very easily.
We can help.

At Steve Sloman Mortgages we consider ourselves experts at finding our clients the right mortgage, often being able to offer a mortgage with exactly the right terms, even though you may have an adverse credit history. We’ll always listen to each case individually to get to understand your particular circumstances before beginning to research our bank of over 30,000 mortgage options to find the one we know will suit you.
An adverse credit mortgage can be called a number of different things, including a non-status mortgage, sub-prime mortgage, bad credit mortgage and a non-standard mortgage whatever it’s called, it all amounts to an extremely confusing picture for those who for whatever reason find themselves in this lending bracket.

If this sounds like you, then ring me now to receive some of the best advice and help available.