As you’ll probably have read on my home page I’m a mortgage broker in Taunton. I’ve been in the business for 35 years and I like to think that I know my stuff.

I’m based in Somerset, and as you might expect, most of my clients live in this area. However, I work with people all over the country and I offer a service that is both highly professional in approach, but also personalised and flexible.

It goes without saying that the advent of the internet changed everything in the financial industry, but I am in no doubt that there’s still a place for people to meet in person and discuss their requirements with a professional. I genuinely couldn’t name a single client who hasn’t benefitted from this approach.

For almost everyone, buying a house represents the biggest single purchase they will ever make, yet it’s not uncommon for people to spend more time choosing a television than choosing a mortgage. That’s something that has always puzzled me and if we sit down over a coffee and talk through your circumstances and options, it will probably puzzle you too.

So you’ve read this far and I hope you’re getting the impression that I might be worth talking to. If so, please give me a call. At this point I’ll give you two guarantees:

1 – I absolutely will not try to sell you something.

2 – If you end up using me as your mortgage broker you will end up with a mortgage tailored to your exact needs.