There’s no catch. I earn my income from commission paid to me when I arrange a no fee mortgage for a client.

ALL of my clients pay me no fees, and they certainly get a deal that’s at least as good as if they’d gone directly to the lender. In addition I have access to mortgage products which aren’t normally available to members of the public, giving me a much wider scope to find a mortgage that’s exactly tailored to your needs.

So how do you know I’ll recommend a mortgage that’s best for you, rather than one that earns me the most commission? A good question. The answer is that I have a very good reputation and it’s one I wish to keep. A huge amount of my business comes from personal recommendation and I want to keep things that way.

Also, as a CeMAP qualified professional and a member of the Life Assurance Association (MLIA) I have legal standard and requirements to uphold.